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Why Clean Cuisine Supplements?

The Clean Cuisine line of nutritional supplements offers a superior quality and carefully balanced blend of vitamins, probiotics, essential fats, minerals and antioxidants. Our supplements work synergistically to reduce inflammation, maintain cardiovascular health, sharpen brain function, repair our bodies, support a healthy metabolism and keep skin, hair and nails looking radiant and youthful.

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Clean Cuisine Essentials
AM/PM Formula

Supplements Am-PM Formula
The Clean Cuisine Essentials complete supplement system is conveniently packaged as individual daily packets-one for AM and one for PM, so you don't have to open multiple bottles and count pills. Clean Cuisine Essentials includes all of Dr. Larson's recommendations and balanced blend of multi-vitamins/minerals, including Vitamin K2, Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, Folate, omega-3 fish oil & evening primrose oil.

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Clean Cuisine
Probiotic Blend

Probiotic Blend with Capsules
The Clean Cuisine Probiotic Blend is a scientifically formulated unique combination of colonizing and transient strains of probiotics, providing broad coverage to support a healthy balance of microflora across the entire gastrointestinal tract.

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